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Autism Safety
fact sheet by Erin Human, US Director, Autistic Families International
Restraint & Seclusion
12% of public school students are disabled
75% of students restrained at school are disabled 58% of students secluded at school are disabled 25% of arrests and referrals to police are disabled students
Disabled students (covered by IDEA) represent only 12% of public school students, but are 75% of those restrained at school, and 58% of those subjected to seclusion or isolation. Additionally, disabled students represent 25% of school referrals to law enforcement.
Federal data shows public schools reported 163,000 incidents of students being restrained in one school year. 40% of students restrained at school are autistic
7,600 of the incidents of restraint involved mechanical restraints
Students were secluded in scream rooms” 104,000 times in that school year
20 public school students died while being restrained at school between 1988-2008
50% of students secluded/isolated at school are autistic
Abuse and Violence
Disabled children are 3.5 times more likely than non-disabled children to be abused or neglected.
Disabled people are 3 times
more likely than non disabled people to be victims of serious crime
60-80% of autistic students report being bullied at school
40% of parents of autistic students report their children were bullied
22% of those who were bullied report being bullied all the time”
Other Risk Factors
Exact figures are unknown, but numerous studies have estimated that the number of people killed in police interactions who were disabled is likely at least 50%
70% of autistic people also have a psychiatric disability such as depression or anxiety
30-50% of autistic people have reported having suicidal thoughts or attempts
“Violent and Legal” by Heather Vogell, Pro-Publica, June 2014. Autism and Safety Toolkit: Research Overview on Autism and Safety,” the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). (1)

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