April is Ableism Awareness Month

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For several years, autism organizations led by non-autistic parents and professionals have focused on Autism Awareness in the month of April.

Autistic people have pushed back on the Awareness campaigns (and their usual pathologizing, othering frameworks) by asking for less talk of awareness and more acceptance for autistic people of all ages.

This year I was inspired to flip the old script with a new kind of Awareness campaign:

This April is Ableism Awareness Month

Join me in the coming weeks as I roll out some basic information and awareness of this epidemic of ableism, including examples and symptoms, treatments and alternatives, and more.

Part 1: What is ableism?

Part 2: How many people are affected by ableism?

Part 3: What causes ableism?

Part 4: Is there a cure for ableism?

Part 5: Ableism Therapies

Ableism Awareness Wrapup Post


16 thoughts on “April is Ableism Awareness Month

  1. Happy to do so. I am looking for suggestions on how to improve DD Awareness that gets to the root of the issue by creating a mind shift toward high expectations for all and the presumption of competence. It’s exciting to find like minded individuals with a similar passion and belief system.

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  2. You are so on the mark when you finally arrive at the realization that demand for acceptance and the implications of seeing the world under the concept of neurodiversity is the real beacon we should be following.

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