Diversity is Beautiful PDFs


Printable PDF: Diversity is Beautiful (Simple)

diversity is beautiful cartoon

Image description: title is “diversity is beautiful.” First row of drawings shows a variety of animals, with the caption “diversity in the animal world.” Second row shows an assortment of kids: from left to right is a person with a limb (arm) difference, person using a wheelchair, person with no visible disability, person signing “hello,” person using forearm crutches, person wearing glasses, person using a white/probing cane. Caption is “diversity of people.” Third row shows four heads with smiling faces and on foreheads are drawings of multicolored brains, caption is “diversity of human brains.”

Diversity is Beautiful (Explained)

"diversity is beautiful" cartoon w explanations

Image titled “diversity is beautiful” / drawings of animals, text “diversity in the animal world: there are millions of different kinds of animals – more than we can count!” / drawings of kids, text “diversity of people: people come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, genders, abilities, and appearances – we are all unique!” / drawing of smiling heads with multicolored brains, text “diversity of human brains: no two brains are alike, but we have names for different types – like ADHD, autistic, dyslexic, typical, &more!”


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