What Are You Reading? My Must-Reads!


I’m on a roll with some seriously good reading material lately. Stress-Free Potty Training and Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems (Ferber) were both interesting and helpful reads. Now I’m on to two more great ones; one parenting-related, and one not (though the information certainly carries over to parenting). And for the bonus round, what the heck was Life of Pi about?

I was excited to read a book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking when I first stumbled upon a listing, and this book has not disappointed. (My book recommendations will now link to Goodreads instead of an online retailer, you’re welcome!) I want to write a whole post about my recent thoughts on introversion while reading this book, but this is an absolute must-read if you are an introvert or love someone who is! Susan Cain has great insights on what this personality type really is; it is not just someone who is shy or socially reserved. And the way she has illuminated our cultural bias against the introverted person has me pretty fired up. More on that later for sure.

I have just started reading Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. I was actually wary of this book since I try to avoid parenting tomes that exacerbate my tendency to want to “perfect” parenting, but this one has sucked me right in. I suppose in a way it’s an easy read for me, psychologically, because it reinforces my natural leanings toward minimalism; it’s not too hard to sit in the choir for a sermon. But there are some seriously compelling ideas here that resonate with my parenting experiences. Such as that all kids are quirky, but can slide down a spectrum of behavior into “disorder” when they are under stress, and – most importantly, can slide back to just quirky if you can help them get the mental and emotional space to de-stress. I have already done some toy purging inspired by this book (much needed after a Christmas and birthday just a few weeks apart).

And one more recent read that I would welcome people’s thoughts on. No spoilers! I finished Life of Pi while deep into sleep training. Let me tell you, that was a strange read at 2 am. I like this book but find it perplexing; I still keep trying to figure it out, which is of course a hallmark of good fiction writing. Or sometimes bad fiction writing – ha. What I’m stuck on is not the plot itself, but what is the meaning of this book? I really can’t figure it out. The introduction famously warns that the story will make you believe in God, but my intuition is that this is an atheist’s tale in disguise, perhaps with a Pascal’s Wager thrown in. I’m just not sure.

One thought on “What Are You Reading? My Must-Reads!

  1. Simplicity Parenting: my favorite book on the subject. Love, love, love this book. I keep meaning to look up his other writing, but I haven’t yet…


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