The Radvent post at Princess Lasertron today is really good. Meg is so eloquent on the topic of Rejection; the sense of personal growth that she is feeling at the end of the year comes through strongly and I admire that.

I’m just not able to put up a post for Radvent today. It’s not that I can’t keep up with daily posts, it’s that I don’t have time to post every day! Normally I write when I have time and then schedule things to drop one post per weekday. But waiting for the daily prompt and then responding requires that I write every single day, and not only that but write thoughtfully about weighty topics.

Today I couldn’t do it. I was drawing all morning while Mike took the kids, and then all afternoon I was playing with the boys. We are potty training AGAIN. Julius took one short afternoon nap but I had to carry him in the Ergo the whole time. I made dinner and we ate and I put them to bed by myself, or I should say I put Miles to bed, because Julius JUST went down three hours later.

So I suppose I am rejecting the self-imposed pressure to come up with a Radvent post. I’m gonna go clean up the dinner mess, brush my teeth, and get in bed.