I feel like all I am capable of lately are This & That posts; I’m in a weird limbo of not really being busy, but also not being able to get anything done. All the little ordinary tasks of living have piled up. To write this post I am gazing past the pile of gaaaahh paperwork and medical bills that needs to be sorted through, like, yesterday. (Matching up medical bills with EOBs is one of my least favorite chores EVERRRRR.)

A few people have asked me lately what I’ve been up to and I’ve not had the slightest idea what to say – just getting through the days over here!

It’s not that things aren’t going well, it’s just one of those sludgy bits in the rhythm of life with two little ones. And of course, they haven’t been sleeping well. That’s not news, but it’s worth mentioning because if you see me starting blankly into space or find my writing extra chock full of typos, that’s why.

The other night the two of them woke up around 3:30 and were just WIDE AWAKE for an hour and a half. They weren’t crying, they were just awake. Julius was shrieking happily and Miles was staring at me in the dark like a creepy little baby owl. It was one of those times when I just didn’t know what to do. Ironically, I know what to do with a crying kid, but a kid who just has no interest in being asleep at 4 am? Two of those? No clue.

Julius is now running a bit of a fever and his nose is running. Miles woke up at 5:30 am today but Mike took the boys downstairs so I could catch a little extra sleep. I slept til 8. EIGHT. This is the mom equivalent of sleeping until two in the afternoon. I jolted awake with a surge of guilt: I’ve slept half the day away!

They’re all out running errands now and again I’m overwhelmed with the number of things I could, should, and want to do while they’re out. Will probably end up wasting an hour on hold with the insurance company or something lame like that.