What Are You Reading?


I have had less time to read lately and more things I want to read, which means I end up cruising through a lot of light reads and skipping things that are more attention-consuming. Ironically now that Miles sleeps through the night pretty reliably, I read less, because instead of just lounging with a book after I put him down, I feel compelled to Be Productive and either draw or just putz around online telling myself I am Being Productive.

When not slurping down Charlaine Harris mystery novels, I have been reading:

Exploiting My Baby by Teresa Strasser. I stumbled across her blog when I was pregnant and although she doesn’t post that often I enjoyed her writing, so when I saw her book at the library I had to grab it. Pregnancy/new baby memoirs are all kinda similar, but I like Strasser’s voice and her sense of humor. She’s self-deprecating and sarcastic and neurotic, but still manages to be genuine and sweet and honest. She’s good at poking holes in the sometimes holier-than-thou mommy culture without being bitchy about it. If you are a worrywart with a sense of humor you will probably enjoy Strasser’s book and her blog.

The Social Animal by David Brooks. Yes, The David Brooks, the conservative NYT columnist whom liberals love to love. This is a fascinating pop psychology nonfiction work with a unique construction: Brooks invents a fictional couple, Harold and Erica, and follows them from pre-conception through life as a way of examining and explaining many different aspects of human nature and the mind. His premise is that the unconscious is a much bigger force in determining one’s life choices and outcomes than the conscious mind, but so much is packed into this intriguing book that it’s hard to even summarize well. Unfortunately since it’s a bestseller our library has it on loan for $1/week and I don’t have enough time to read it fast enough… so I had to return it after a few chapters, but I’m definitely going to pick it up again later.

The Pale King by David Foster Wallace. I haven’t read this yet but I have it out from the library. I was on the waiting list for months and it arrived with poor timing… since Mike has been begging me to start Game of Thrones and talk about those books with him. I loved Infinite Jest 10 years ago (and I want to reread that soon), so although I have very mixed feelings about posthumous works (Wallace, sadly, committed suicide in 2008), I just have to read Pale King.

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. As previously mentioned, I am reading this at my dear husband’s request. It’s always fun when we can read something at roughly the same time, and it doesn’t happen often, so I started this one a few days ago and he’s on the second book. I’m not a fantasy fan but I am a literary omnivore so I’m finding it enjoyable so far, and of course I will watch the HBO series at some point… whenever I manage to find time to squeeze an hour of television into a day!

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