What Are You Reading?


Today was our weekly visit to Storytime. Miss Nancy was out last week but back today; in the past Miles has always been standoffish with her but today he LIT UP when he saw her. I think the little man’s got his first crush. And I don’t blame him, Miss Nancy rules.

Unless I have the foresight to request and hold books, which is often not the case, it’s hard for me to pick out something to read with Miles in tow. He will usually just pull one book off the shelves and tote it around happily but I have to keep a constant eye out for sudden library rampages.

I finished Eating Animals (awesome) and Black Out (ok), still working on Martha Rules. Also have on deck:

Deadly Spin by Wendell Potter. A tell all by a former health insurance exec turned whistle blower.

Mother On Fire by Sandra Tsing Log. Some kind of funny parenting memoir. For some reason I keep seeing it at every library branch so I grabbed it.

The Private Patient by PD James. A quick selection by a British mystery writer I’ve enjoyed before.

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