What Are You Reading?


Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I am one of those annoying people who are vegetarian because they don’t want to eat animals, but don’t worry, I don’t preach about it. In this book, Foer (previously an on-again off-again vegetarian) decided he wanted to make an informed choice about whether or not to raise his baby son vegetarian, so he researched what goes into making animals into food. This is probably one of those books you only read if you are interested in being veg or already are… so I enjoy it, but if you love bacon, you might not.

The Language of Trees by Ilie Ruby. I started this novel but just can’t get into it. It’s about a guy who went through a breakup, and a boy ghost, and an old girlfriend, and the Fingerlakes… ahh I don’t know. It’s just not what I’m into right now.

Black Out by Lisa Unger. A thriller set in Florida that keeps making me think ofCape Fear… has something to do with a killer coming back from the past to get revenge on the victim-who-got-away. I just started it last night and it’s pretty entertaining so far.

The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart. This one probably looks like an odd choice but comes recommended by Lasertron for its inspirational message about starting a business around your passion in life. Also just started this and like it so far.

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