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 Image is a tall, leafy maple tree shading a green lawn, with a sandbox covered in the blue tarp on the grass to the right. 

* The photo above is the last one I took of our only shade tree in the backyard, hours before it was removed. It broke ours hearts to cut down a live tree, a pretty tree that provided lots of lovely shade in the backyard, but it had grown wrong and was splitting right down the middle, so badly that it was a safety concern. It took the sting out a little to find an arborist who did it well at a good price, but we are really sad that our backyard is now a practically treeless wasteland (we have four fruit trees but they are just babies).

* The cold virus that had me pinned to my bed for my birthday now has moved to a horrid eye infection, which follows the path it took when Julius had it first – but it’s much worse for me. I am using his antibiotic eye drops, and I know you’re not supposed to do that, but I’d rather at least try them for a few days before I haul myself off to the doctor. Ugh.

* On a more cheerful note, Mike and I went on a short afternoon date, as a belated birthday treat, while his mom watched the boys. We went to a brewery in town, I won’t say which one because I was a little disappointed with my meal but I’ve eaten there before and liked it, so I’ll chalk it up as an off day. I will also say that the warm brownie was good enough to make up for it. It was nice that it was unseasonably cool enough outside to sit on the patio and even feel a bit chilly as we shared a flight of cold beer.

* We don’t have plans for Independence Day. I’m sure it will surprise exactly none of my longtime readers that I don’t care much for this holiday. New readers: I don’t care much for any holiday. To me, this one is mainly about loud, startling noises, and crowds of people everywhere you might want to go. I’ll pass.

Image is the backyard pictured above, with only a stump where the tree had been. Sadness!


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