This & That

* I might, just might, have bitten off more than I can chew with this batch of library holds. Hmmm. I am so excited to read them all, though. No new graphic novels in this bunch, because I need to go research some more graphic titles.

* Julius’s birthday is coming up soon and he has spent hours poring over Amazon and adding toys to his wish list! I guess this is the 21st century version of circling things in the Sears catalog like I did as a kid. By the way I never did get a Laurel & Hardy ventriloquist’s dummy.

* The weather turned cold again so we’re back to playing indoors. The latest fad at my house is pulling the king sized mattress halfway off the box springs and jumping and rolling down the slope. Though it is straight up bonkers, this is actually preferable to regular old jumping on the bed, which was beginning to sound like it was going to collapse altogether!

* I have had a lot of work lately, some of which is more Mugs, much of which is a really huge drawing project that I can tell you about when it is done, plus a family portrait. It’s good to have the work, but it’s pushed my personal creative projects to the back burner a bit.


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