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IMG_7317* We are under QUARANTINE this week, and the worst part is, we’re not even sick! We were exposed to the measles last week after visiting the children’s museum at the exact same time as a person with a confirmed case of measles. We called our pediatrician, who had us come in for booster shots but still advised us to keep the kids out of public places for at least 14 days from the time of exposure. It’s very unlikely that we actually contracted the measles, since we are healthy and were mostly-covered by the first round of MMR shots, but we are doing the right thing and staying home for another week.

* Just in time for a WEEK OF QUARANTINE, I feel like I have finally got a handle on the post-Christmas, post-birthday influx of new toys and getting everything organized so that there are not just PILES of stuff everywhere and all over the floor. Took some furniture rearranging and very strategic toy purging.

* I feel very between-books lately, as I bailed on two different books recently that I couldn’t get into – The Warmth of Other Suns and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I still want to read both, I just couldn’t get my teeth into either of them right now. Instead I’m reading the third Lynburn Legacy book by Sara Rees Brennan, some lighter YA reading. I think what I’m really in the mood for is some good memoir!

* Lauren and I have a new Mugs Half Full comic out today all about the battle to get your kids ready to go… ANYWHERE… in the winter. Check it out on ParentSavvy and please share it if you like it!



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