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IMG_7946* Image is a page from my sketchbook, which I have been trying to doodle in a little more often for fun and relaxation. I was getting a little stuck and stiff in trying to draw a new Mugs Half Full comic, so to loosen up a little I reimagined the Mugs characters in a few different styles. I really like the bottom one – though I am not going to actually use in Mugs, I want to play with it some more.

* After the initial high of getting diagnosed and coming out as autistic, I’ve fallen into a bit of a slump. So I decided to try out this new little app called Happify that gives you little activities, assignments, and games to play to boost your overall happiness. I am not being sponsored to promote them – actually, I think back when they were in beta testing they did contact me about trying it out as a blogger, but either I dropped the ball, or – something. It seems like it might be fun, stay tuned on that.

* I am also using some Runtastic apps (also not sponsored in any way) to work out a little bit at home. I do NOT enjoy running and I really don’t like exercise – I’m a pretty sedentary person, honestly – but I know that I should be establishing at least a few good physical habits now that I’m in my mid-30s. And though I would rather sit down with a book than get up and move 95% of the time, I do find that physical activities help stir up my creativity too. So I use the push-ups, sit-ups, and squats apps and they are pretty fun actually. Something about having a robot machine count my progress makes it more motivating, and they are attainable amounts of exercise for me. Though I frequently have to pretend I am lifting a car off a small child to get myself through the push-ups.

* To garden or not to garden? That is the question for me every spring as I have a vegetable-chomping dog who ruins my plants every year. This year Mike and I might do something wildly different and build a sandbox for the boys instead. Maybe if I write that down on this here blog we’ll actually see it through.



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