Easter Happened




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About as much fun as grinding rocks. Kidding!

I probably mention every year that I don’t like Easter all that much. I never really could put my finger on why, though waking up before dawn to attend outdoor sunrise services, the cutthroat nature of Easter egg hunts, and the rawness of New England springtimes in general were some childhood memories that were certainly factored in.

The other day, though, I read this post by Rage Against the Minivan that resonated and startled me because I’d never quite thought about Easter that way before, but, yeah. Even though I’m not religious anymore I guess this feeling has kind of lingered for me. I think I would say that in my case it was more that I was intensely private about my spirituality than I was a stoic, but same basic idea… that feeling of being told what to feel just didn’t sit right, and I suppose still permeates a lot of holiday experiences for me now.

And also, of course, there’s the ever-escalating, somehow, pressure of everyone else’s seemingly magical holiday experiences via social media. I did better with this, this Easter. I kept the things that are actually fun and appreciated by the kids – dyeing eggs, getting Easter baskets full of cheap & crappy but fun toys, hunting for plastic eggs full of candy, spending time with family. I left out the things I feel are SUPPOSED TO be fun but in reality distract me from the actual fun, make me feel hurried or frantic, or end up making me feel crappy because my kids either do not care/appreciate it or make a big mess of it, etc. So I did NOT take pictures (really, of anything, except these two shots of them playing with the Play Doh they got from Grandma!), I did not visit the Easter Bunny, I did not even dress them in Easter outfits because MEH. Not saying that if you did those things you wasted your time, just saying that they are not actually things I enjoy, I just think I SHOULD do them, because.

So, Easter happened. And I think it was actually pretty nice.
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