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IMG_6349.JPG* The above photo is my bedside table. Love my Happiness Project journal by Gretchen Rubin! It’s a one sentence journal that spans five years and I started last summer, so I am already enjoying reading what I wrote each day one year ago. Below that a journal, a sketchbook, and The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal that Mike got me for my birthday but I haven’t started yet. Still waiting for a time when I get enough sleep that I can wake up early to free write…. Also, a potato, because I have children.

* I decided to try NaNoWriMo this year, even though I am nervous about November being too busy for me to write enough. But I think that if I take a break from online classes that will free up enough time for me to do it. I’ve already started character sketches, plot points, and written a few key scenes, so I think the pressure to meet some word count goals might light my fire. And I drew a cover for my novel, because I’m nothing if not a skilled procrastinator. If you want to be buddies, I’m theeisforerin in Omaha.

* This may surprise you if you are familiar with my enduring holiday grinchitude, but Halloween is one of the few holidays I actually LIKE! It’s fall, I don’t have to cook anything, and there’s an abundance of chocolate involved. My kinda holiday. Also, I was never allowed to celebrate as a kid so it’s liberating to be all YAY HALLOWEEN even though I am too cheap/lazy to ever dress up. Julius has said he wants to be a dinosaur, Spiderman, Superman, Barney, and who knows what else, so at this point we’re just looking for whatever is left in 2T that doesn’t cost a fortune. Miles has emphatically stated that he does “not want to be a costume,” so he won’t be dressing up. He still likes to go trick or treating so hopefully no one will give him a hard time about his non-costume!

* Speaking of holidays, are you Christmas shopping yet?? This is always the time of year that I start thinking/fretting about gifts. I know what to get my kids but everyone else in the family… it gets tricky. I am thinking about putting together a simple gift guide, just listing the stuff that we love and/or want to get for our family. It’s so hard to find gift guides that aren’t either just glorified advertisements or wildly unrealistic (just buy everyone in your family one iPad, one piece of priceless jewelry, and one cashmere sweater. Done!). So if you’re a blogger, let’s get on this! More gift guides by regular people!



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