What Are You Into Right Now?

IMG_6108This is a post that I like to put up in a Facebook unschooling group that I’m in: what your kids into lately? What are you into lately? Not talking about milestones or goals but just what’s really floating your boat. Please leave a comment and let me know what you and/or your kids are into right now!

Miles: Still into cars and engines. He’s resumed an interest in identifying car makes like he used to do a year or so ago. He can spot and identify almost any make of car from an impressive distance, as long as he can see the logo on the front, back, or hubcaps. It’s fun to find new ones with him because they get rarer and rarer – Smartcar was a new one recently! I’m thinking this could be a natural way for him to start to learn reading, since he can recognize Ford, Dodge, Kia, etc.

He still loves playing outside, and an older boy around age 7 to 8 has joined the neighborhood crew. He lets Miles ride his tricycle and they can just be out there for hours and hours. I’ve noticed that there is MUCH less sibling fighting happening when my boys are outside.

Miles has gotten into some musical youtube videos again. I crowd-sourced ideas for good beatboxing videos, since he has an awesome natural ability to beatbox. He loves this one of Kevin Olusola beatboxing while playing the cello – talk about awesome. Another good one is M is for Mouth Music from Sesame Street, which is short but cool because it shows closeup shots of their mouths. AND coincidentally my brother worked on it! Both boys also love all of the Jimmy Fallon “classroom instruments” videos.

Miles also asks us to take him to the Imaginarium (local junk shop) just about daily, to play with the trains there. We oblige. (For a while we were going to Home Depot daily to look at the ceiling fans so this is slightly preferable!) Occasionally he also wants to go to the candy shop where the boys each pick out one piece of candy.

Julius: Still into Power Rangers, BIG TIME. He loves anything superhero related right now, also watches Superhero Squad a lot and plays with some little superhero action figures that we have. He’s always pretending to be a dinosaur or Power Ranger. Any kind of sword-like object becomes POWER RANGER and apparently a “superhero” is a cape, just so you know. His love of trucks has faded a bit as it’s now all about superheroes for him.

He also likes drawing on the windows with window markers and wiping them clean with baby wipes. He then shows us the wipe and prompts us to ask, “what color is that?” so he can answer. He also likes to practice his colors by doing a crayon puzzle we have. He knows almost all of them but has a funny mental block against the color yellow, which is always always calls red! And often forgets purple too. But he likes us to quiz him on the colors.

He also likes to play outside, but only if the other kids are out there. Where Miles will just play in the dirt alone and be happy, Julius will stay in until the gang is all out there playing and then he loves to get up in the mix.

Me: I’ve been doing yoga in the mornings again, which is so nice! I have such a strong association between pregnancy and yoga, since that’s the only times in my life I’ve ever been consistent about a practice, that it’s kind of weird to do it *just me* now. I really like the youtube channel YogaVidyaEnglish for this – though if you have suggestions please let me know! – because I like the soothing voice of the narrator and the affirmations. I’m more into spiritual yoga than fitness yoga.

I’m still always taking ed2go online classes. I love them. Mostly writing classes, because it helps me keep writing when I have assignments with deadlines. I’ve started a few short stories, still a little stalled out on my novel but I’m thinking it through. I’m carrying a little notebook with me to be able to write or take notes on the go, though truthfully I haven’t used it much yet. Somehow it’s easier to toggle between smartphone and watching two kids than writing and watching them.

Always reading, of course. I’ll save the details for my next What Are You Reading? post or you can always stalk me on Goodreads.

Mike: With his new job he doesn’t have time to listen to audiobooks anymore – bit a of a sad face for me because I enjoyed talking about books with him.

He likes the Idiot’s Guide videos on this channel and sends them to me sometimes. And of course it’s football season. At first he said he wasn’t going to play Fantasy Football this year, but then he joined one league (as opposed to his usual three or four!). I really don’t mind football season – I don’t watch or play Fantasy (though I have in the past, it’s all right) but I have mine own things that I like to do. So I’m perfectly happy to coexist in the same room after the kids have gone to bed – if Mike wants to watch a game I can do some writing classes or read blogs.

And we are watching New Girl together on Netflix. Because the only thing better than binging on New Girl is binging on it all over again with someone else who loves it.


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