What’s On My Smartphone

I enjoyed this post on It’s All Happening so much that I just had to piggyback and write something about my own iPhone habits (Erin, I think I copy your post ideas more than any other blogger!). It would be difficult (read: I am too lazy) to detail all of the times that I look at my phone or pop open the laptop now that I have it in the course of a normal day. I don’t think I have a lot of guilt about my own screen time – I feel like my time management skills are 1. decent and 2. pretty ingrained and therefore hard to change so why beat myself up too much about it?

And my use of computer really does come down to time management. Yes, I enjoy social media for fun, but I also NEED it for business. Even if I wanted to I could not quit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest, which is not so much fun for me but definitely a work necessity. Obviously I need to balance my screen time with family time, errands, housework, and of course drawing, but since I have chosen this crazy lifestyle of working at home with my kids IN the house most of the time, I often work in little bits and spurts, on my smartphone or laptop, when I can!

This is the home screen on my phone. It’s a mishmash of apps I use often (Camera, Photos, Music, Calendar) and others I hardly use at all (Travel, Newsstand, and Game Center especially!). At the bottom are the apps I use most – or, in the case of Reminders, what I WANT to use most but always forget! It’s nice that I can check all of my email accounts at once (personal, Human Illustrations, and Platte Valley School). Note that my battery was probably not REALLY at 100%, because my iPhone is drunk and continually believes it is fully charged when it’s not.IMG_4863This is the next screen over and the one the kids use most for obvious reasons, which a few random additions of mine. Cozi is a great app for sharing shopping lists and calendars with another family member. It’s awesome for Mike and I to be able to put things on shared shopping lists so we don’t have to remember to text each other for this or that. Etsy is an app I hardly ever use but need in case someone sends me a message at my store. I recently signed up for a free trial of the paid version of Agnitus (6.99/mo) to see if it would be worth it… I have to say, there are a ton of games, songs, and stories, and the boys really love it. I’m not sure but I may keep paying for it.
This is really my most used screen if I’m being truthful! Pretty self-explanatory. I adore the library app for reserving and renewing books. My WordPress app is insanely buggy but sometimes comes in handy for starting a quick post draft that I can finish later on my laptop. The Feedly app is how I do most of my blog reading, which is convenient but also means I don’t get to comment very often. The Twitter app is great for easily switching between my personal and HI accounts (this is not so easy on the computer!).¬†IMG_4865 And my last screen. Mike and I both use Amazon a lot either to price compare or to order things with Prime. We love it and it more than pays for its annual fee for us, especially with having so much family out of town. FF Mobile is a fertility/cycle tracker, sorry for the slight TMI but I started using it after I had Julius and my cycles came back totally wacky and unpredictable! Helps me have some clue as to when Aunt Flo is coming back around. VSCOcam is a nice photo editing app that I use before putting things up on Instagram. PaperKarma is also cool – I use it to scan junk mail (paper) so that company will stop sending me crap (it really works!). About.me is another of those social media apps that I don’t love or even understand but think I have to have. I don’t really use Flickr, and Shutterfly Share is there because I can view pictures that Miles’s preschool teacher takes of the class.IMG_4866Lately I don’t even use my phone all that much. Often I have it plugged into speakers to play iTunes radio, or else the boys have been using it a lot to play games, and I don’t mind that, although I do wish that I could take more pictures of them with it! I sometimes fall asleep watching a show on my Netflix app unless I have a really good book to read before bed, but otherwise I stay off of email and social media sites for the last hour before I go to sleep. I also try not to look at it first thing in the morning before I greet the family for the day (I NEVER manage to get up before the kids), though sometimes I will quickly check my email and Facebook notifications in the kitchen while I’m getting coffee and fixing breakfast for the boys and myself. And we never ever have phones at the table while we’re eating – that’s something I feel strongly about! I would hate it if the kids did that so it’s not cool for us grownups to do it either.


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