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IMG_6713.JPG* We put up our Christmas tree! Almost all of our ornaments are either from Mike’s or my childhood, or gifts commemorating our marriage, babies, etc. It was fun to decorate this year with the boys being interested in the whole process. Julius helped hang a few ornaments and Miles later examined them closely (and also helped replace the ones that Julius was picking off with a set of pliers, fun times! haha). The wall art is a couple of prints that we picked up at Paperdoll while holiday shopping. We later went back and got a cute fake bird for a tree topper (the bow is just photo app magic).

* Julius has used the potty full time all week, with only two not-in-the-potty incidents that happened while he was home with dad (cough, no comment) and I was out coworking with Lauren. So that’s exciting! Slightly less exciting is that he now stands up to pee, which. Yeah. He’s two. So that’s messy.

* I’m feeling a bit swamped this week as I’ve been working on some illustration things, homeschool co-op things, and staying up late to work on my novel. All things I WANT to do, but it’s a lot. And also the kids want to mostly stay home and play with me all the live long day, and that’s also something I want to do. Lately Miles’s imagination is delighting me and the things Julius says crack me up. I’m not sure I will be able to post any photos of them again until spring, because when we are home they are naked 90% of the time!

* Christmas shopping is underway, and I’m feeling like *I* don’t really want anything. Unlike in many past years when I hardly knew where to begin writing my wish list! I’m feeling content with everything I have. Though I would enjoy a new pair of slippers.


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