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* We went bowling this week! Miles has been super interested in bowling ever since he saw it on his favorite cartoon (Pingu), always setting up blocks as pins to play at home, so I told him we could go to a real bowling alley. Things learned about bowling with kids: it is expensive!, always ask for the ball ramp for little kids (we had a few balls stranded halfway down the lane before we finally got the ramp), automatic gutter bumpers are great. I thought the kids would balk at wearing bowling shoes but they were more than willing. It was fun to make a tiny little dream come true for Miles!

* I have gone on a major graphic novel binge so I’m going to have a sweet bunch of book reviews for you soon. I am loving this genre so much! And I am also thinking about making my own graphic novel – and memoir – oh man I have a lot of ideas. I may be using my Human Illustrations site to play around with some drafts so stay tuned for that.

* Bereft of any further seasons of my new favorite show The Fall, I am now watching The Killing, which is also pretty good, though I have a strong suspicion that I am going to end up disappointed when the plot finally ties itself up. Where can it possibly be going? When they solve the murder case is the show over? It’s worrying. In a COMPLETELY different category, I have also loved watching Broad City on Amazon. It’s ridiculous and wrong and filthy and hilarious and awesome. I have a soft spot in my heart for wild bad girls like Ilana and of COURSE I love hopelessly awkward girl-dorks like Abbi. So good.

* The new Mugs Half Full is out on Parent Savvy – this month is all about Date Night! Insider info just for you: I actually took a picture of my own unbuttoned jeans to draw the last panel accurately. Ha!


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