(This picture is actually a “huggle” and not a strangle, hard to tell sometimes.)

My last post is a bit of a hard act to follow for this blog, so I thought awkwardly babbling about my life might be a good segue. I do want to post more about the topic of equality but I need a moment.

We have some changes brewing on the home front. I didn’t want to preemptively post until it was in the bag, but Mike got a new job. It has pros and cons compared to the last one and we discussed it HEAVILY, endlessly, for weeks, until I completely ran out of thoughts about it, but the end result is he took the job. It’s going to be a big lifestyle change for us, because the hours are very very different, and he had his previous job practically since Miles was born. That’s been our normal for basically our entire lives as parents, and we think the new normal is going to be better (more time at home, better benefits), but it will be an adjustment. We are ALL creatures of routine in this house! Change makes us squirrelly.

Right out of the gate we effed up. We did not explain to Miles about the new job before Mike started, mostly because we didn’t know his new schedule yet (still don’t as I am writing this!). So Tuesday morning dawned and Mike went to work at the new job at 8:30 instead of 12:30 like usual. Our normal Tuesday routine is Mike takes the boys out while I work at home. When Miles woke up and shortly thereafter Mike was kissing him goodbye to go to work, he freaked out. He then proceeded to take out his anger and frustration on Julius for the next three hours, which unfortunately is how he tends to express most of his bad feelings.

Finally when the morning calmed down I attempted to apologize and explain things to Miles. That I was sorry I didn’t tell him before. That Daddy got a new job, he would be home more and not have to sleep at work anymore (the best way I could think of to explain going over the road). He kept interrupting to scream at me that Daddy’s not working, or Daddy’s not coming home, Daddy works in a cave (?), and it’s scary.

Awwww. Shoot. I felt so terrible.

I’m just bracing myself for a rough couple of weeks. In addition to adjusting to the new job and new schedules, we’re going to meet Miles’s new teachers on Thursday and he is going to start the new school on Monday. That’s a LOT of changes all at once, certainly we wouldn’t have planned it this way if we could have helped it, but life happens. I’m just going to try to expect it to be hard and steel my resolve beforehand. Try to remember to explain every little thing to the kids even if I don’t think they will fully grasp it. And try to be extra patient.


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