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Image is a slice of bread with the center eaten away, on a black plate, sitting on a red tiled countertop.

* I am so over summer, friends. I finally figured out what it is (you mean besides 90 degree heat and high humidity for weeks on end) about Nebraska summer that feels so oppressive to me compared to the New England summers of my youth. In Massachusetts, it was never full fun for the ENTIRE DAY. It was always partly sunny or partly cloudy. So there were periods of relief through the day, even on a hot one. Here it is usually full on sun for 12 hours and it honestly is taking a toll on me. I think I have summertime seasonal depression (on top of my usual all the time dysthymia).

* I am going to revisit those more pleasant summertime feels later this month when I take the boys on a road trip back to Massachusetts for about a week and a half. Which is terrifying. But necessary. Mike, sadly, still does not have any vacation time (union contract issue) but we haven’t seen my family in two years and we want to see them before these kids of ours sprout into big giant boys who no longer carry a whiff of the babies they once were. I’m worried about traveling and about the kids missing Mike too much, but hopefully it will go well.

* I felt a bit lost without a blog theme in July, but I probably won’t have one for August either, since I’m going to be traveling so much and blogging a little less. In truth I’ve been in a bit of a brain slump for the past month, not feeling inspired to write or draw, not being able to get into any books either. I think the weather (hot) is part of it, but only part. If you have any suggestions for GREAT books that will pull me back into a love of reading, or if you have any suggestions for what you’d like me to write about, please let me know! I am so blah.

* For a total change of pace, I really enjoyed the new video for “White Love” by Kodacrome. It’s a lyric video with the words individually cast in actual ice cream (!!) and filmed melting and un-melting… you have to see it. It’s so simple but there’s so much to it that is perfectly Kodacrome – the minimalism, the blend of precision and handmade, the stark aesthetic with the subtlest sense of playfulness. I love it.


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